Drake VonKohn Music
Musician / Songwriter / Live Performer 
 Waitin' On The World to Change  Chicken Fried
 Layla (unplugged)
 Cowboys and Angels
Born in North Georgia, just outside Atlanta, Drake found his love of music very early. At the age of 4, he began playing classical piano. As years went on he grew with his music, and at the age of 9, he added guitar to his repertoire of instruments. He then switched from playing classical piano to playing more modern music, and the music he wanted to learn and pursue. In middle school, he was in the school orchestra and played viola. He has since added playing the bass and drums. He looks forward to adding instruments such as banjo, mandolin, and steel guitar. Drake was always that child who just sang with the songs on the radio and everything a normal kid would do, but it wasn't until the eighth grade that he really noticed that he could go somewhere with his voice and musical ability. By the end of his sixth grade year he had played a few gigs here and there, and thought it was for fun, but when he saw how much people enjoyed his music and style, he realized that his life passion was to become a professional musician. 
Drake took lessons, piano and guitar, for over 10 years and now feels that it is time to pursue his goals. While he continues to grow and learn as a musician, he is able to share his musical knowledge with others through performing.
Drake has played at corporate events, local venues, weddings, parties and anywhere in between. He plans on expanding his radius of venues within the next year. 
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